dlmapNCDPI and the Friday Institute began accepting applications for the District Teams for Digital Learning May 19th. Participating districts will be asked to develop a representative team of up to eight district leaders who can commit to attending all five days of face-to-face sessions over the course of a year. This year-long program consists of 60 hours total – 30 hours face-to-face and 30 hours of outside work in the action planning and readings.

There will be three cohorts, divided geographically: an eastern location, a central location and a western location. During the 2017-2018 school year, 15 districts will be accepted for each of the three cohorts.

Dates for each cohort are as follows:

  • East (New Bern) – October 4, November 8, January 17, February 14, April 25 (Statewide convening in Raleigh)
  • Central (Winston-Salem) -October 4, November 2, January 18, February 14, April 25 (Statewide convening in Raleigh)
  • West (Asheville) – October 5, November 7, January 18, February 15, April 25 (Statewide convening in Raleigh)

The only cost to district teams will be travel as there is no additional cost for participation in the professional learning. Participants will receive planning documents, professional reading material, and certificates upon completion.

The entire team should collaboratively complete the District Teams for Digital Learning Application. The deadline to submit an application is August 18th. Letters of acceptance will be sent September 1.

We hope you will consider this opportunity to connect with colleagues across the state as we deepen capacity for effective digital teaching and learning. For program information, please contact Theresa Gibson, tgibson2@ncsu.edu, with The Friday Institute.



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