The deadline to submit an application is August 18th. Letters of acceptance will be sent September 1.

Yes. The application is designed to be submitted as a district team and has fields to allow for the inclusion of multiple names. Each district should submit one and only one application.

No. If you would like to change the names of any team members on the application, please contact Theresa Gibson,

There is no preference given based on date of application. All applications submitted before the application deadline will be reviewed based on the quality of the application.

No. Notifications are sent out in one batch not on a rolling basis.

East Cohort- New Bern
Central Cohort- Winston-Salem
West Cohort- Asheville

October 4, November 8, January 17, February 14, April 25 (Statewide convening in Raleigh)

October 4, November 2, January 18, February 14, April 25 (Statewide convening in Raleigh)

October 5, November 7, January 18, February 15, April 25 (Statewide convening in Raleigh)

The only cost for teams is the cost of travel to the sessions.

Team make up varies by district. We recommend a core team of district leaders from among the following roles; Superintendent, Curriculum & Instruction, CTO, Instructional Technology, Professional Development, Public & Community Relations, and Principals.

Teams average 8 members with 5 core members that are able to attend all sessions. As session topics vary, we encourage teams to invite additional, relevant members that will be instrumental in moving your work forward.

Session topics may vary based on the needs of the teams that attend, but they are based on the NC Digital Learning Rubric and are generally drawn from the following topics:

  • Session 1: Vision, Leadership & Culture
  • Session 2: Professional Learning
  • Session 3: Curriculum & Instruction
  • Session 4: Technology & Infrastructure
  • Session 5: Data & Assessment

Sessions include exploring recent and cornerstone research, frameworks, and models, cross-district sharing of ideas, constrainers, successes, and strategies, and critical district team planning time.

Questions not addressed here can be sent to Theresa Gibson,