The application is in two parts to include a participant application and a supervisor agreement. Completed applications (including supervisor agreements) are due by 5PM September 1, 2017. Applications will be reviewed and letters of acceptance will be sent out by September 15, 2017.

NCDLCN is designed for any role that is responsible for coaching instruction, this can include but is not limited to instructional coaches, ITFs, media coordinators, and lead or mentor teachers. We find that educators that perform this function have been given varying titles and we do not limit the applicant pool based on assigned titles. If you work with teachers, we encourage you to apply.

No. We are accepting applications throughout the summer to allow for those who are transitioning roles and/or schools to apply. We will be sending out notifications in September.

There is no preference given based on date of application. All applications submitted before the application deadline will be reviewed based on the quality of the application.

Central/East: Raleigh
West: Asheville

October 19 & 20, January 11, February 28 (NCTIES February 28-March 2), June 18 & 19

October 17 & 18, January 9, February 28 (NCTIES February 28-March 2), June 20 & 21

YES. NCDLCN is a year-long program that builds upon each session. If you are considering applying, please take into consideration that you will be required to attend all sessions.

There is no cost for NCDLCN programming, but you and/or your district will be responsible for any travel costs incurred, such as hotels, fuel costs, NCTIES registration, etc.

Yes. NCDLCN attends the full NCTIES conference starting with a ½-day NCDLCN session prior to the kick-off of the NCTIES conference schedule. The cost of the conference is the responsibility of the NCDLCN participant or their district as outlined in the supervisor agreement application.

NCDLCN mentor applications are open to past NCDLCN program participants only. If you have previously completed the NCDLCN program, you are eligible to apply for a mentor position.
Sample Mentor Responsibilities

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