Digital Leaders Coaching Network event at the Friday Institute

Digital Leaders Coaching Network event at the Friday Institute

The Friday Institute Coaching Cadre seeks to provide instructional technologists, instructional coaches, mentor teachers, and media coordinators with ongoing and job-embedded professional learning opportunities to build capacity in digital and personalized learning and acquire strategies and knowledge related to best practices in leadership, coaching and support of educators, students, and administrators in their schools.

Building upon research on effective professional learning, this program provides access to personalized and sustainable opportunities centered around pedagogy and digital learning with a significant emphasis on strategies that allow participants to apply that knowledge to build capacity among educators, administrators, and students in the school.

  • Bring together educators: For an unique year-long blended learning experience!
  • Grow as an educator: A professional development program dedicated to helping you do your best!
  • Build your network: We’ll coach and assist you in building a strong professional learning network!

Program Pillars

ncdlcn_infographbarLeadership and Culture

To develop a culture that is based upon trust and a growth mindset in which educators feel a willingness to take risks to improve teaching and learning. Specific areas of focus include leadership, digital citizenship, moral purpose, and habits of mind.

Content and Curriculum

To create an understanding and knowledge of the content and curriculum available to personalize learning and meet the individual needs of students, including using data and assessments. This includes technology tools, models of innovation, and strategies for curriculum design.

Sustainability and Evaluation

To ensure that the participants develop strategies and skills to build and sustain the effective use of digital learning in their schools. This include professional learning opportunities that are job-embedded and ongoing and become a part of the culture of the school. Strategies will include train-the-trainer models, professional learning networks, walkthroughs, and the use of data to evaluate the effectiveness of the digital learning.

Connected Educators

To support the participants in becoming a connected educator beyond their own school, district, and state and to help participants support other educators in their school to become connected through social media and other opportunities to collaborate with educators from across the country and the world.






DLCN Mentors

From left to right: Jamie Lord, Robin Williams, Anne Bucci, Sara Danckaert, Pam Lilley, Wanda Hanley, Sam Walker, Terri Hawley, Lauren Schultz, Alicia Ray


  • Sam Walker
  • Lauren Schultz
  • Anne Bucci
  • Pam Lilley
  • Alicia Ray
  • Jamie Lord
  • Sara Danckaert
  • Robin Williams
  • Elizabeth Slater (not pictured)
  • Wanda Hanley
  • Terri Hawley