The program includes a variety of features to help principals learn how to implement personalized and digital learning.

Facilitator Training

for a team of facilitators from the organization and a program coordinator. Facilitator teams range in size, depending on the size of the organization, ranging from 6 in a small or midsized organization to 20 or more for a larger organization, and will be prepared during a 3-­day, interactive training with the Friday Institute to deliver the Leadership in Personalized and Digital Learning curriculum for cohorts of principals in your district/organization. See below for more details.

Curriculum and Materials for Principals

to prepare them to lead their school’s transition to personalized and digital learning, customizable to local needs. See below for more details.

Access to an Online Platform

to deliver Leadership in Personalized and Digital Learning curriculum using the Friday Institute’s professional learning management system. Partnering organizations can also utilize their own LMS for program delivery if desired.

Ongoing Support

for organization leaders and trained facilitators through individualized support and connections to the national LPDL community.

Featured Component: Facilitator Training and Support

Leadership in Personalized and Digital Learning‘s capacity-building approach emphasizes training facilitators and providing them with adaptable curriculum, tools and support including:

  1. Three-­day Facilitator TrainingAlex & Nancy designed and facilitated by the Friday Institute. Facilitator training is focused on understanding the Leadership in Personalized and Digital Learning curriculum and tools, face­-to-­face and online delivery strategies, and coaching skills for working with principals.
  2. Virtual Community to provide ongoing support from the Friday Institute and connect with other trained facilitators
  3. Individualized Support as facilitators implement the program with their principals
  4. Customizable Curriculum with Delivery Tools and Platform to enable immediate and flexible implementation with principals

Featured Component: Curriculum and Materials for Principals

The five sessions in the Leadership in Personalized and Digital Learning program are designed to support principals along the journey to personalized learning. The programs combines research, learning activities, a learning community, and immersion into personalized and digital learning to guide participants as they develop their own responses to the following questions:

  • Where are you, and where do you want to go?
    • Session 1: Knowing Your Why and Developing Your Vision:
      •    Topics include personalized learning models (competency-based, blended, etc), leadership and an introspective look at yourself as a leader, establishing your needs and the needs of your schools, and identifying your allies.
    • Session 2: Culture and Change Management
      •    Topics include understanding culture, considering the culture in your school, leadership and culture interactions, leading change; framework for leading change in your school, and engaging stakeholders.
  • Based on where you want to go, what does that mean for instruction?
    • Session 3: Shifting Teaching and Learning
      •    Topics include personalized learning and teaching, supporting the whole student and all students (learner agency, SEL), and the leader’s role in observing and evaluating.
  • How do you support shifts in instruction? What supports do your teachers need?
    • Session 4: Human Capacity and Professional Learning
      •    Topics include elements of effective professional learning, digital learning competencies, examining your school’s professional learning, distributed leadership and coaching teachers, and professional learning models.
  • What does it take to implement and sustain personalized and digital learning for all students?
    • Session 5: Systems for Transforming to Personalized and Digital Learning
      •    Topics include technology and infrastructure, systems (human and technological), devices and approaches, rethinking current structures, budget, and space.


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