Core Components

The program includes a variety of features to help principals learn how to implement blended and digital learning.

Facilitator Training

for a team of facilitators from the organization and a program organizer”. Facilitator teams range in size, depending on the size of the organization, ranging from 6 in a small or midsized organization to 20 or more for a larger organization, will be prepared during a 3-­day, interactive training at the Friday Institute to deliver Leadership in Blended Learning curriculum for cohorts of principals in your district/organization. See below for more details.

Curriculum and Materials for Principals

to prepare them to lead their school’s transition to blended and digital learning, customizable to local needs. See below for more details.

Live Events

and ongoing professional learning focused on leadership and blended learning.

Access to an Online Platform

to deliver Leadership in Blended Learning curriculum using the Friday Institute’s professional learning management system.

National Online Community

for principals who complete the Leadership in Blended Learning curriculum to share questions, ideas, reflections and resources.

Ongoing Support

for organization leaders and trained facilitators through individualized support and a facilitated national online community.





Featured Component: Facilitator Training and Support

Leadership in Blended Learning’s capacity building approach emphasizes training facilitators and providing them with adaptable curriculum, tools and support including:

  1. Three-­day Facilitator TrainingAlex & Nancy
    Three-­day Facilitator Training at the Friday Institute at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. Facilitator training, scheduled 2 – 3 times per year, is focused on understanding the Leadership in Blended Learning curriculum and tools, face­-to-­face and online delivery strategies, and coaching skills for working with principals
  2. Online Community
    to provide ongoing support from the Friday Institute and other trained facilitators and digital learning leaders from across the country
  3. Individualized Support
    As facilitators implement the program with their principals
  4. Customizable Curriculum with Delivery Tools and Platform
    To enable immediate and flexible implementation with principals
  5. Expert Friday Institute Online Facilitators
    Provide online discussion support during Leadership in Blended Learning program implementation

Featured Component: Curriculum and Materials for Principals

Leadership in Blended Learning’s research-­based content is developed by leading experts in digital leadership and professional learning. The curriculum includes 60 hours of content, delivered in five blended sessions along with an online orientation.

Session Topics

  • Orientation: providing an overview to the program infrastructure
  • Session 1: Defining Blended Learning, with an overview to blended learning and the role of the school principal in leading the transition to blended learning
  • Session 2: Creating a Culture for Blended Learning, with a focus on the important culture shifts for all stakeholders involved in a blended learning transition
  • Session 3: Shifting Teaching and Learning, with a focus on the key changes in curriculum and instruction in a blended learning environment
  • Session 4: Supporting Teachers Through Professional Learning, with a focus on the competencies of a blended learning educator and professional learning models
  • Session 5: Implementing and Sustaining Blended Learning, with a focus on the nuts and bolts of shifting to a blended learning model and implementation strategies

Session Structure

Each content session includes three essential components. Through these components, principal participants will be guided through a planned process and produce a plan for transforming their schools.

  • Online pre­-work component with online readings, videos, activities and facilitated online discussions
  • Face­-to-­face component with provided presentations for facilitators to use and adapt, small and large group activities and discussions, multi­media, and tech tool options
  • Online follow­-up component with online readings, videos, activities and facilitated online discussions


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