Leadership in Personalized and Digital Learning

Preparing school leaders to implement personalized and digital learning

What is Leadership in Personalized and Digital Learning?

School districts, states, regional cooperatives, principals associations and other educational organizations are invited to participate in Leadership in Personalized and Digital Learning program, a capacity-building program designed to meet the professional learning needs of school leaders as they transition to personalized and digital learning. The program was developed by the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at NC State University in collaboration with the North Carolina Principals & Assistant Principals’ Association (NCPAPA) with initial funding from The Learning Accelerator (TLA). For more information, contact us!

The program includes two phases:

  1. Facilitator Training
    • Facilitator Training prepares a team of facilitators and a program organizer from your organization to implement the program in your district or organization. Facilitator teams range in size, depending on the size of the organization, ranging from 6 in a small or mid-sized organization to 20 or more for a larger organization. The training addresses: program curriculum and tools, face­-to-­face and online delivery strategies, and coaching skills for working with principals.
  2. Principal Training
    • Principal Training enables your team of facilitators to implement the program with multiple cohorts of principals in your state, district, or organization, with ongoing support and resources from the Friday Institute.
See the Program Components page for more detailed information about each phase.

“The materials and resources are current and high quality and they have masterfully woven them together to create exciting and engaging activities.”

– Past Participant

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