colleen playing pieface

Colleen is a second year principal at Pleasant View Elementary School in Providence, Rhode Island.  Colleen attended the August 2017 Leading Schools Summit in Boston and jumped right in, several weeks after the Summit, to immediately begin applying what she learned. Colleen was impressed that Leading Schools was paperless, with all materials accessible online during and after the Summit. Colleen challenged herself, and her staff to try going paperless, too, starting with the summer staff orientation, thinking, “If I am going to lead a blended learning school then I need to get out of my comfort zone.”  Colleen decided to  get rid of the big Orientation “Binders” and instead, re- created the entire orientation for the staff of 125 using Google tools. Colleen invited her staff to take this leap with her, knowing that things might not work perfectly the first time she tried it. As she kicked off the Orientation, she let the staff know “I am learning just like you so bear with me”.

In addition to revamping the Orientation, Colleen also started instituting  positive “shoutouts” in her weekly bulletin and at monthly staff/faculty meetings, to recognize various staff accomplishments, building on the peer-to-peer awards she experienced at the Summit. Colleen is already seeing the results of modeling these and other strategies she learned at the Summit, as she leads her school with a renewed commitment, and lots of new ideas, to positively strengthen Pleasant View’s culture of experimentation and trust.

You can connect with Colleen via twitter @Colleensk8abc


Barbara Treacy
Senior Consultant
Friday Institute