By: Alec Clark | Bladen County Schools | Instructional Technology Facilitator

In the 2015-16 school year, I was fortunate to be chosen for the NCDLCN cohort. During the course of the program, a plan was developed to best meet the needs of our teachers while keeping the students in mind. At first I was floundering, what is the best way to meet the need of our customers? This question continually came to my mind.

We needed a new way to meet the needs of our teachers/students. Toward the end of the 15-16 school year, I had a light bulb moment. Beside our tech center in the center of our county was a potential answer. I went to my supervisor and mentioned the thought I had.

Could we get this space which is currently being used as storage? He asked me to write a proposal of what I had in mind. The words flowed from my mind to the document. The idea was to make a Digital Learning Center out of the space. In the proposal I spelled out what the idea was, gave supporting evidence for it, explained its use, as well included some needs to get the space ready.

My supervisor was impressed with the proposal. The next thing that happened was exciting! The District Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendent reviewed the proposal and wanted to view the space. They took the proposal and viewed the space in a whole new light.

The plan is currently in process. It will take another year or two to complete the project. Once completed, it will be a space teachers and student can come to to learn and use new technology. It will be for experimentation and developing new skills our students need in our community. Teachers will be able to bring their classes and use it as a field trip opportunity to introduce their students to technology in a whole new way.

NCDLCN dared me to dream and take chances. It is about the journey not just the outcome. How much better we will be due to our experiences here. Thank you to Friday Institute and the NCDLCN team for making this possible. The seeds you are planting are producing a bountiful harvest.