By Nancy Mangum

“We cannot light another’s path without brightening our own.” – Ben Sweetland

The North Carolina Digital Leaders Coaching Network, NCDLCN, kicked off its 2015-2016 cohort October 14 and 15 at The Friday Institute. The enthusiastic group of participants had hands-on experiences and discussions that focused around the role of coaches, coding in the classroom, project based learning and how we think about student learning.  As the members of the cohort were learning new skills they were also developing a network of support among their fellow participants.  The video above is a glimpse into experience that participants had during the kick-off event.

ncdlcn_blog_graphic1This year’s cohort, made up of sixty-two outstanding educators from forty districts around the state, include twenty media coordinators, twenty-seven instructional technology coordinators, three lead teachers and twelve instructional coaches.  The cohort is guided by eleven mentors, who were selected as exceptional participants in the previous years’ cohort.

ncdlcn_blog_graphic2The NCDLCN program pillars include: empowering coaches; growing mindsets; and building relationships.  Regardless of their official title, all of the cohort members interact and have influence on other educators in their building and essential to the cohort program is developing the NCDLCN educator as a coach and using data to create an action plan to move teachers in their building forward.  To learn more about the North Carolina Digital Leaders Coaching Network, click here or follow the learning on Twitter #ncdlcn