leading schools

The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation in partnership with OETC, has developed the Leading Schools Summit, a multi-day event designed to provide principals with the support and professional learning opportunities they need to lead student-centered digital learning initiatives in their schools.

“One of the BEST experiences I’ve ever had as an educator or administrator”

– 2016 Summit Participating principal

100% Percent of participants from the Fall 2016 cohort that said they would return again and that they would recommend the experience to a colleague.

“The networking and discussions that we had the opportunity to have were invaluable! Ideas galore to bring back to my school and my faculty!”

– 2016 Summit Participating principal

Program Overview


Principals and assistant principals at any level with any amount of experience that are beginning, wanting to, or already making progress on a digital and personalized learning transition in their schools.

The Leading Schools Summit provides school leaders with a unique opportunity to collaborate and network with other principals from around the state/country. Throughout the sessions, principals work through individual problems of practice and gather feedback and insight from colleagues. Participants also spend time reflecting on their practice and identifying innovative strategies to use moving forward.) program supports cohorts of district teams across the state in planning and executing transitions to personalized and digital learning. The program is not focused on the technology, but rather good teaching and learning.

Core Components

  • Personalized Problem-Solving: A three-day, community- supported experience addressing the specific challenges facing you and your school in the transition to digital and personalized learning.
  • Job-Embedded Training: Support from experienced principal coaches in four different strands: school culture and change management, professional learning, community engagement and sharing your story, and learning spaces.
  • Tangible Examples of Innovation: Tested leadership strategies and opportunities to visit spaces of innovation in the North Carolina community
  • Design Thinking Framework: The ability to explore your problems of practice, and reflect, ideate and experiment with mavens and peer leaders.
  • Continued Network of Support: Collaborative relationships with leaders of schools with similar challenges, and a larger network of like-minded principals to continue to connect with after the summit.